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How It Works

You pay for the number of page views on which you want to be featured. Your Twitter profile will be displayed as a banner on more than thirty popular Twitter apps. We serve over 2.7 million ads a month. By being featured you can realistically expect to gain 1 follower for every 300 views served.

We Create Your Banner

When you first login we create a default banner based on your Twitter profile. It includes your name, description, picture, URL, and Twitter username. Our banner lets visitors view your timeline and profile with a single click. They can even follow you immediately with the convenient Follow button!

Choose Your Audience

Target your ad by country and language.

Track Results In Real Time

Get feedback as fast as possible: instantly!

You Set Your Budget

You can set limits on the number of times per hour that your banner is shown. This allows you to control how quickly your budget is spent and can be changed as often as you want. If you need to pause your ads for any reason, we provide a convenient button to do just that.